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Why to not hire freelancers?


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So this article is going to be about freelancers. There are quite a lot of them nowadays and it looks like if you need something done quickly and for peanuts, you just need to hire a freelancer, who will take take of all your needs.

Well.. this sounds just awesome, don’t it? If it was that great, we would probably just fire all our internal team and dealt with freelancers instead:)

The truth is that working with freelancers can be not only beautiful and nice, but also quite ugly, expensive and  run your project to failure!

Based on our clients feedback, we formed top 4 reasons why you should not hire freelancers

#1. Buggy code. Anyone can become a freelancer, especially with a wide variety of courses available online. To my opinion this is awesome if you want to learn something new! But wait, will you go to get hired by some agency after those courses, go through probation period, learn best work practices, have your code reviewed and get constant advices before you actually get to do a commercial project on your own? This sounds like a lot of pain, don’t it? Isn’t it easier to become a freelancer and get experience on those real life projects that are available there? Of course it is! Just put your pricing as low as you can so you could become attractive, get some fake reviews to your account and bam:) you’re all set up!

#2. Bad support. Freelancers tend to grab as much work as they can, since there is a huge competition, so no work is bad, it’s bad if you don’t get the work! This leads to freelancers working on a few jobs simultaneously, which leaves no time to support your project (fix bugs, make updates). And guess what, when you think that you’re just going to get most of the project done by freelancer and then get the remaining to an agency, the Agency will simply not accept the code because in 90% of cases the code is a mess! You will have to redo the work! This means what initially planned to be cheap, now turns to additional expenses.

#3. Not reliable. A situation reported by one of our clients: a meeting with freelancer was scheduled a week ago, with a reminder a day before the meeting. Freelancer confirmed the meeting. Now the team of managers is waiting for the freelancer to join the meeting, but there is no show:) Freelancer pops in Skype a few hours latter, saying “Ouch I fell asleep, can do the meeting now”. No, you can’t do the meeting now! I think you get the point here:)

#4.  Lack of expertise. Your main goal, when being a freelancer is Get the Job! You’re not on someone’s payroll, you get paid when you have the job. Also let’s not forget about great competition here. You won’t look great in the eyes of your potential client if you say “Oh, I have never done this, so I need time to study it”. You’ll be in a greater shape saying: “Sure, this is a standard thing for me”. By doing this freelancers do all possible to grab the job even if they are not feeling confident or have never done that type of work before. This leads to extra time, bugs, failure

We were not really willing to scare you off from working with Freelancers, there are awesome ones out there, they cost a lot, they have great experience and they will most likely be a great asset for you. However the chance you’ll find that freelancer is low! Extremely low! Just be aware of this


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