Privacy Policy

What we collect and how we use it

  1. We collect your contact details and project related info/assets
  2. We use the collected details only for the following purposes
    • Communication regarding your project/ideas/partnership with us
    • Activity related to your project development. This involves sharing some/all collected details with our internal development teams and other internal resources
    • Providing you with news and offers
  1. We do not sell, trade, exchange collected information with any 3rd parties
  2. We do not share collected info with any 3rd parties unless there is your approval to do so within the project course
  3. All collected information is stored on protected servers, which only Codefam employees have access to
  4. We can delete all info related to you and your project upon your request to do so


  1. Our site uses cookie. You can explore more on what cookie is here


  1. We work under strict NDA, so none of project related information is disclosed to anyone not involved in your project