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Codefam Online Quote Calculator

Design step

Hello World!

If you’re handling IT projects as manager, business developer, etc you’ll most likely face a situation  when getting a quote for an upcoming or potential job is really urgent.

We face it all the time with our clients. To give you some numbers, clients are willing to get a rough estimate within 2 hours, i.e the sooner the better.

Let us make your live a bit easier with our online quote calculator for website development, which will give you an idea of your project cost and timing in a few seconds. It’s really simple, here is how it works:

  1. At first you select if you need design works and if you do, you’ll need to indicate the number of templates
  2. Then after you have decided on design, you’ll be asked about Front-end Pages. Front-end is HTML/CSS/JS markup of the site, i.e it’s basically what you see when you view a website in your browser. You’ll need to create front-end for all main templates/pages of your website. Just like you selected the number of pages in design, you’ll be asked to select a number of pages for Front-end Front-end stepFront-end step 2
  3. The next step is Back-end. You’ll need to select the CMS you want. At this moment you can choose between WordPress and Custom options. Once you have decided on CMS, please indicate the number of pages (normally this matches the number of Design and Front-end pages) Backend step1Backend step2Backend step2
  4. You’re good to go now, hit the “Get a quote” button after you have selected the number of Back-end pages and you’ll see the quote for this particular project

Project quote

The quote is given in a range as the exact quote can only be provided after thorough review of the assets/requirements. However the given quote range is pretty accurate still.

Now that you have the quote, you can either start the project with codefam or email the quote to your email address, in case you want to have it there:)

That’s it, have a good one and we’re looking forward to working on your project!

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